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Game idea concept sheet

In previous posts (link1, link2) we talked about generating game ideas and organizing them. To help you with that even more we’ve prepared a super-duper GAME IDEA CONCEPT SHEET. 😀 So dig in!

Why would you want to use a game idea concept sheet? 

It’s one place where you can write down all the most important things about your game idea in its early stage. You don’t need to worry that you’ll forget about something important because all the crucial parts will be there. 

All you need to do is to fill it with your next awesome idea and start creating. There’s a place for short idea description, main mechanics and game features, which then you can divide by a priority. There is also a place for the first sketches and notes. 

What do we recommend? 

Print a few copies. You can pick them easily during brainstorming to quickly write down all the ideas that will come to your head. You’ll be able to compare them later, choose the best one and refine it. 

You can also create a binder to have all your ideas organized in one place. It’s even easier to scan your ideas quickly that way. We do use old ideas while brainstorming new projects. Mixing and matching old ideas works great too!

If you’re currently in the middle of another project but something will come to your mind you’ll be able to write it down fast and come back to it in the future. You will be amazed how writing something down will automatically clear your mind of it. It’s actually one of the tricks to improve your day to day performance and focus on one thing at a time.

Sounds interesting? 


You’re probably wondering if we are using this sheet. Well… we’ve just created it especially for you! But it’s based on our ideas notebook and definitely looks better! 😀 So with a pure heart, we can say that we use the same scheme for writing our ideas down. For us it works very well – we can open our notebook at any time and review all the ideas from recent years. We definitely recommend keeping all the ideas in one place. 🙂

Hope it will be helpful for you and from now on all your game ideas will all be well organized. 😉 Happy planning! 

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