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You already know that presskit is for journalists, so now it’s time to take one step further in your marketing activities and encourage people to play your game. One of the best ways to do this is to prepare a great landing page. 

What is a landing page? 

It’s a standalone web page that is created specifically for marketing use. It’s a place where you drive traffic to, a place where visitors land after clicking a dedicated link. Usually, it’s designed to achieve a single goal thanks to a strong call to action (CTA). In the case of games, this goal is “Download Now” (“Pre-Order” or “Wishlist” in earlier stages). It can also be “Join beta tests” or “Join the newsletter”, or whatever suits your needs. That strong focus makes landing pages a great option for increasing the number of downloads and conversion rates of your marketing activities.

Why do you need a landing page for a game? 

If you want more exposure, more downloads and one place to send all users to – you will definitely need a landing page. This is where you’ll put all the important game information and direct all potential players – from social media posts, ADS, reviews, etc. 

Remember: one landing page for one game.

What to include on the landing page? 

Must-haves are direct links to stores, game trailer(s) & screenshots and call to action button or buttons. If you like you can also add social media links, news, & updates, links to important game reviews, or even rewards (if you have any). But keep it clean without becoming too cluttered – provide only essential information that will interest your audience and nothing more.

If you plan to run ads for your game, it is also a perfect place to install analytics tools and use that to improve your marketing activities even further.

Remember: the goal is to convert visitors to take a specific action that you want.

Dive into various parts of mobile games marketing, create your own marketing strategy and make your game as successful as it can be. 📈🤩

Great landing page characteristics:

Where to create a landing page?

You have two options: 

Examples of great games landing pages 

Examples of our landing pages: 

Summing up

A landing page is an important marketing tool. It simplifies sending people from various places across the Internet to merely sharing one link. You’ll have one place to show your game in the way you want to. It will help you gain more downloads by optimizing its look, layout and conversion rate. Don’t ignore the power of landing pages.

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