Crazy Oyster Games
Based in Poland

Founding date:
January 6, 2018


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Between The Walls
Isometric Squares
Ballz Invaderz



Crazy Oysters here. We are a Polish couple pursuing our goals and dreams to create the best games possible. As a team of two at the beginning of 2018 we decided to start our own, new gamedev studio focused on creating an addictive, chart-topping mobile games. Both of us already have an experience in creating and marketing mobile games and with that we are constantly moving forward.


Crazy Oyster was born

Our journey with game development started during the college years, as a few hobby projects done with friends and jobs in gamedev studio. That lasted for about 3 years and as soon as we graduated our team unfortunately fell apart. But we didn’t give up and decided to continue our gamedev journey together under a new name - Crazy Oyster Games. We are currently working full-time and creating games in spare time. But we do everything we can to be able to make games full time in near future.

It is very rewarding to see various people enjoy playing our games no matter how big or small they are. And that is main reason why we love making games - to give people joy.
And to give that joy, we are honing our skills and improve our abilities to make the best games possible.

We surely chose our path and we are determined to develop games for people to enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them. With each project our skills are increasing and we are able to make better games faster, even as a two-person team. We are aware of all the work that awaits us still, but we will achieve our goals and dreams. And we believe that the best is yet to come! :)

Our first crazy pearl - Between The Walls

On August 22nd 2018, after five months of hard work, we’ve finally released our first title – Between The Walls. Our game was noticed by App Store and it got featured in Arcade and Action categories almost everywhere in the world! What’s more our title gained attention of sites like Touch Arcade, Mobil Gamer, Kostenlose Spiele Apps, GameBy and some more. So far we’re very proud of the success and we are going for more!

Second pearl - Ballz Invaderz

On March 26th 2019, we released our second game. It took us another five months of work in spare time. It got some traction on various sites and in the stores but nothing serious came from it. But hey, not every attempt need to end up with success, right? At least we did improve our skills and reorganized our in-house SDK to make future games even faster.

Third pearl - Isometric Squares

This game is our first take on premium segment. We wanted to see how it would differ from a freemium model. We also wanted to finish development of this title in the shortest time possible. And we did it in about two months! One month was left for pre-order stage, marketing and little vacation, and finally after 3 months in total our games official release was on 9th of July 2019. It even got featured in "New Games We Love" section in Apple App Store on launch!

Fourth pearl - ShapeOminoes

Second take on premium segment with total time to market under 3 months.

Fifth pearl - Whack-A-Tile

Another take on the freemium model. Noticed by Apple and featured in "New Games We Love" section. Total time to market under 2.5 months. Claimed by many as "strangely addictive".



Isometric Squares YouTube

ShapeOminoes YouTube

Between The Walls YouTube

Whack-A-Tile YouTube

Ballz Invaderz YouTube



There are far more images available for Crazy Oyster Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Between The Walls - Featured in “Hot this week” and in Arcade and Action categories on launch." - Apple App Store, 22 August, 2018
  • "Isometric Squares - Featured in "New Games We Love" on launch." - Apple App Store, 11 July, 2019
  • "Whack-A-Tile - Featured in "New Games We Love" on launch." - Apple App Store, 07 May, 2020

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Wojciech Wysocki

Sonia Falana-Wysocka

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