ShapeOminoes is a challenging game perfect for those who love puzzle games like Tangram, Pentomino or Jigsaw. Similar to them but with a different goal that can’t be found in any other game.


Isometric Squares is a minimalistic logic puzzle game that blends 2D & 3D worlds. Switch your perspective and sharpen your mind in order to solve all the puzzles. It’s a great training for your spatial vision!

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Pong-inspired single player arcade with a twist. Bounce between the walls and survive as long as you can. Pick up modes, avoid obstacles and master your reflexes on various levels. Jump in and just keep bouncing 🙂

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Addictive cross on classic arcade games. Don’t let the brick invaderz get you. Guard your base and destroy The Boss! Collect diamonds, upgrade your canon and become stronger. Make the most of the upgrade system and see how many levels you can win!

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