About us

Crazy Oyster Team Sonia & Wojtek here, aka Crazy Oysters.

We’re a two-person team pursuing our goals and dreams.

Our journey with game development started during the college years, as a few hobby projects done with friends and job in a gamedev studio. That lasted for about 3 years until our team fell apart. But we didn’t give up and decided that we will continue our gamedev journey together under a new name – Crazy Oyster Games. We are currently working full-time and creating games in free time. But we do everything we can to be able to make games full time in near future. We had chosen our path and we are determined to develop games for people to enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them. With each project our skills increase and we are able to make better games faster, even as a two-person team.

Up until now we’ve released four titles: Between The Walls, which was featured on App Store homepage in Hot this week” category in some countries around the world; Ballz Invaderz; and Isometric Squares, which received most love from Apple – it was featured in New games we love” category in Europe! And last one is ShapeOminoes – we will see what it will bring to us. 🙂 

It’s very rewarding to see various people enjoy playing our games no matter how big or small they are. And that is main reason why we love making games – to give people joy. 🙂

When we’re not making games we mostly travel around the world. 🌍
We love mountain areas, where are no crowds – just peace and quiet. And us.  🙏


Crazy Oyster Team