We can help you validate if your game idea is good enough to invest more time and money for full development.

What we will do?

  • develop a game prototype which will allow you to verify your game idea quickly
  • iterate that prototype based on your feedback
  • suggest improvements and possible solutions to make your prototype even better

Benefits for you:

  • verify your game idea before investing more money and time
  • get a feel of the game mechanics before committing for more
  • faster iterations on your multiple ideas

Why choose us?

  • years of experience in game development
  • lots of prototypes developed

How it all works?

  1. Contact us through contact form or email and briefly describe what you need. We will get back to you soon and discuss the details if needed.
  2. After reviewing all your requirements, we will get back to you with a cooperation proposal.
  3. Once you agree with the proposal and we’ll sign the contract we’ll start working on a game prototype.
  4. When we finish you’ll receive a prototype and we can continue to improve it or end here.

What we’ll need from you?

  • detailed description of your game idea


  • we will make a prototype using placeholder objects for speed of use
  • we work in Unity

Crazy Oyster Services - Game Prototyping

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