Localization is one of the key factors that determine whether your product will be successful in foreign markets, like Polish one.

What we will do?

  • provide natural, well-sounding Polish translations 
  • proofread and make sure translations won’t contain any typos

Benefits for you:

  • your product will be better understood by Polish users
  • your product will be more visible and successful in Polish stores
  • bigger traffic & more downloads from Polish players

Why choose us?

  • we’re native Polish speakers
  • we don’t use any translation engine or software
  • our work is translated and proofread manually
  • we can translate mobile/PC/Mac game or application

How it all works?

  1. Contact us through contact form or email and briefly describe what you need. We will get back to you soon and discuss the details if needed.
  2. After reviewing all your requirements, we will get back to you with a cooperation proposal.
  3. Once you agree with the proposal and we’ll sign the contract we’ll start working on your translations.
  4. When we finish you’ll receive a document with Polish translations of texts you delivered.

What we’ll need from you?

  • document containing text to translate written in English
  • information about your game or app to understand the context

Crazy Oyster Services - Localization

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