We develop our games using Unity It has everything you need for any type of project, big or small. There are lots of tutorials, a huge knowledge base in Unity Docs, an awesome Asset Store and great communities all over the Internet ready to help you. 

To make development easier and save time we use various assets and plugins from the Asset Store. Even though we use mostly paid plugins and assets it paid itself multiple times by simply saving our precious time. There are great free plugins as well, but paid ones almost always offer better support if needed. We treat each asset as an extension of our team and we only pick the best ones that are supported well.

Today we’ll share with you, from our experience, the most useful and well-supported Unity plugins for mobile games development. Most of them support other platforms too.

Best Unity plugins for mobile games development 

Let’s take a look at our favorite Unity plugins so far (in no particular order). 

Doozy UI Manager

Doozy UI Manager is a set of systems that make it easy for anyone to design, manage and animate modern User Interfaces. This is a set of professional tools specially designed for professionals.

DOTween Pro

DOTween Pro extends the free engine DOTween, implementing new features both for scripting and visual scripting, including extra features for these external assets (if present): 2D Toolkit & TextMesh Pro (both paid and free version). 


Feel is the best way to improve your game’s feel and make it extra juicy. Packed with more than 100 feedbacks, it’ll let you easily trigger screenshakes, animate transforms, play with sounds, cameras, particles, physics, post processing, text, shaders, time, UI, and so much more.

Don’t neglect the game marketing and get all info in one place.  

Easy Save

The Complete Save & Load Asset.

Fingers – Touch gestures for Unity

Fingers is your best choice for Unity touch input and gesture handling in Unity.


InControl is a unified, cross-platform input manager for Unity that standardizes mappings for common controllers.

Pool Kit

Introducing PoolKit, a truly next generation system for pooling, spawning and despawning.


This asset obfuscates your code making it harder for bad guys to reverse engineer your projects. Specifically designed for Unity, it seamlessly links in with its build process.


SRDebugger is a tool to help you track down bugs while on the target device. Access to the Unity Console in any build of your game allows you to diagnose problems without deploying a debug build tethered to the Unity Editor.

Editor Console Pro

Editor Console Pro is a powerful replacement for Unity’s editor console. 

Cross Platform Native Plugins : Essential Kit (Mobile – iOS & Android)

Cross Platform Native Plugins : Essential Kit a true cross platform tool for Unity which provides unique and unified way to access native functionality on mobile platforms.

Simple IAP System 2

Simple IAP System is the all-in-one solution for in-app purchases. It supports selling consumables, non-consumables, subscriptions and even physical goods on mobile, Steam, via PayPal or in VR. This asset is made for beginners and experienced users alike and already used by hundreds of developers in production.

I2 Localization

This is currently the most complete localization system available for Unity.

Note: If you want to save a buck, you can always search for a free version of those assets or similar cheaper/free ones. You can also come across really great deals on sales or in bundles either on Unity Asset Store directly or for example on HumbleBundle.

Unity plugins for mobile game development

Summing up 

If you want to save your time and virtually multiply your team members, we think the best way is to buy good assets that are tested and have great support. If you think alike then go ahead and don’t hesitate to offload some work to asset creators. You yourself can focus on creating that masterpiece of a game then. Good luck!

Wanna save some time during game development? 

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All links to assets are affiliate links and that means that we’ll earn a little bit if you click and buy from it. We would appreciate your support. 🙂

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