If you’re looking to create a first-person shooter (FPS) game in Unity, having the right assets is crucial. Not only can they save you time and effort, but they can also add a level of polish and professionalism to your game. There are plenty of Unity assets available to help you create a high-quality FPS game but sometimes it could be hard to find the best ones. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best Unity FPS assets available on the Asset Store to help you get started on your game development journey.

Best Unity FPS Assets

Note: Plugins are not listed in any particular order. 

FPS Engine

An advanced and powerful solution for First Person Shooter games, adaptable, easily scalable and suitable for any kind of FPS game, supporting a wide variety of settings and features.

FPS Framework

Advanced FPS template to launch your game with the best haptic feedback and industry-leading systems, along with a toolkit to assist you in development. 

Horror FPS Kit

HFPS KIT is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template with many features essential to creating your own horror game, including gameplay features seen in AAA horror games of the last decade.

Fantasy RPG FPS Complete 13 Pack Bundle

Everything you need to start your epic RPG. Humans, Elves, Half-Orcs, Goblins, Dragons, Horses, and tons of armor, weapons, accessories and other wardrobe.

FPS Animation Framework

Elevate the animation quality of your shooter projects with natural and high-quality dynamic animation. 

Ultimate FPS Weapons Pack

You’re looking at a total of 22 modern firearm weapons for your Unity FPS project. View the guns in 3D and see more images on where you will also find in depth video tutorials on how to create your own weapons. The intended usage for the models and its textures are first person shooters.

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UFPS – Ultimate FPS

UFPS is the battle-tested FPS solution for Unity! UFPS first appeared on the Asset Store in 2012 and has been evolving ever since. Tens of thousands of users have used UFPS to successfully create their ultimate first person shooter! This package includes shooter, melee, magic, throwable, and flashlight items in a first person perspective.

Components for Horror FPS Kit

Looking to take your HFPS project to the next level? Components has got you covered! Designed from the ground up to be a complete extension for the HFPS system, Components for Horror FPS Kit provides tons of useful systems that will take your project from zero to hero with ease!

MFPS 2.0 – Multiplayer FPS

MFPS 2.0 is an advanced multiplayer first-person shooter game kit to help kickstart the development of your own online multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game. this template includes all the basics and tons of advanced systems and features that all multiplayer shooters require; this game framework is very polished, utilizing the latest Unity game engine technologies with high efficiency and performance, including a professional UI using full UGUI, player Mecanim animations, and plenty of options to customize to your taste and needs. 

Low Poly FPS Weapons Pack

This pack is a collection of 282 unique low poly models to easily create your top quality FPS game. All models are ready to put in scene and created with one texture for better performance! Weapons are created from separate parts which means that you can easily animate them.

Aurora FPS Engine

Aurora FPS Engine is an most complete FPS engine designed to give you full control over your game. It includes powerful and flexible tools to create any desired FPS game.

Classic FPS Controller

Classic FPS Controller brings the skill-based and satisfying movement physics known from many classic FPS titles to Unity, in a compact, easily tweakable package.

FPS Starter Pack

I present to you the first release FPS Starter Pack Paсk has only first person animations. Only the hands move Some things have animations of their own. Hands can be used with humanoid settings. Number of Animations In-place:198

Universal Shooter Kit – FPS, TPS, TDS

This system is designed for creating shooter games of any complexity. Using it, you can easily create First-person, Third-person, and Top-down games for all major platforms: PC, Mobile, Web.

MultiFPS – Multiplayer FPS

MultiFPS is template project for creating multiplayer shooter games, which at the same time is full multiplayer fps game ready to be deployed on dedicated server. 

FPS Retro Shooter Complete Kit

This package is fully created with mind of people wanting to create games like your favourite Retro FPS straight out of the box! Systems and tutorials are fully prepared for beginners as well as for experts in Unity. Scripts are fully commented with plane language. Create your FPS Retro Shooter in just few minutes. Just drag, drop and have fun!

Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine – Photon 2 (MMFpsE)

314 Arts’ Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine (Photon Version) offers everything you need to create your own ultimate Multiplayer PVP First Person Shooter in Unity. The Modular Multiplayer First Person Engine is an advanced FPS Kit, which was created from the ground up to be for multiplayer use – it is not a singleplayer controller ported to multiplayer.

NeoFPS – FPS Controller Template Toolkit

NeoFPS was designed to give you complete control over the feel of your FPS game. It includes powerful tools to craft movement, firearms, interaction and more.

A* Pathfinding Project Pro

The A* Pathfinding Project is a powerful and easy to use pathfinding system for Unity. With blazing fast pathfinding your AIs will be able to find the player in complex mazes in no time at all. Perfect for TD, FPS and RTS games.

Low Poly Shooter Pack V4.3

If you’re looking for a Unity shooter template to build games with, to learn from, or simply to create a prototype with, this is the asset for you! It includes 18 unique and fully customizable weapons with animated arms, grenades, explosion VFX, gun attachments, character models, and much more.

Universal Shooter Kit: FPS, TPS, TDS

This system is designed for creating shooter games of any complexity. Using it, you can easily create First-person, Third-person, and Top-down games for all major platforms: PC, Mobile, Web. 

FPS Handy Hands

FPS Handy Hands is a set of high quality first person hand models. Includes both male and female generic hands. Boned and skinned! – Pose these hands to hold any weapon right in the Unity editor! Or take the included FBX files and animate them in the animatation package of your choice. Left and Right hands included as separate models for maximum flexibility.

MFPS Mobile

Best Multiplayer first-person shooter game template optimized for mobile devices. MFPS is an advanced multiplayer first-person shooter game template that provides a comprehensive framework to help developers kickstart the creation of their own online multiplayer FPS game.

Best Unity FPS Assets – Summing Up

As you can see, Unity Asset Store offers a wide range of great options for developers looking to create a first-person shooter game. From character controllers to weapon packs and level design tools all the way to whole frameworks. There are many assets available that can help you save time and create a professional-looking game. And you’ve seen the best from the best Unity FPS assets out there already. Just remember that it’s important to carefully consider your needs and choose assets that fit your project’s requirements. With the right Unity FPS assets, you can create a high-quality game that stands out from the rest. We hope this list has been helpful and wish you the best of luck in your game development journey!

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