So you want to create a VR / AR / XR game but wondering how to jumpstart the whole process? Or maybe you are just looking for useful plugins to speed up the process? One of the best things to do is to select the right assets that will help you save a ton of time and energy throughout the project. To help you with that we compiled the list of best Unity VR assets. These are tried and tested by plenty of people already doing their VR / AR / XR games so you cannot go wrong with either. One thing left for you to do is to select the ones that will fit specific requirements and the vision for your game. Let’s jump straight to the TOP20+ best Unity VR assets.

TOP20+ Best Unity VR Assets

Note: Plugins are not listed in any particular order. 

Flat Kit: Toon Shading and Water

Flat Kit is a complete solution to achieve the stylish cel-shaded look: shaders, models, image effects, presets, examples.

Final IK

The final Inverse Kinematics solution for Unity.

Auto Hand – VR Interaction

Make VR games quickly and easily. Auto Hand is a user-friendly, VR interaction system, which includes a posing system that automatically figures out what pose a hand should take when grabbing

Hurricane VR – Physics Interaction Toolkit

HurricaneVR is a complete VR Interaction Framework with a heavy emphasis on quality physics interactions. The Physics Hands are controlled by tuned PD Controllers enabling smooth and responsive hand physics, high quality collision, two handed holding, throwing, and interactions with your physics objects.

Mesh Deformation Full Collection

Tool for conComplete collection of mesh modifiers, shaders, realtime editors & mesh tools in Unity Engine for beginners & advanced users. Complete toolkit experienced by many.verting Unity terrain into a mesh.

VR Interaction Framework (VRIF)

The VR Interaction Framework makes it easy to create your own interactive objects and be productive quickly. This framework will give you the foundation you need to create polished VR experiences.

Volumetric Light Beam

The perfect, easy and cheap way to simulate density, depth and volume for your spotlights and flashlights, even on Mobile! It greatly improves the lighting of your scenes by automatically and efficiently generating truly volumetric procedural beams of light to render high quality light shafts effects.

VR Physics Player Controller / HexaBody VR

HexaBody VR is a Physics Driven Rigidbody Controller featuring responsive locomotion, jumping, standing, and crouching. The body design allows for realistic player movement, feet and legs lift and stomp during the jump cycle making it easy to jump, land, and then stand up on objects and your environment.

Curved UI – VR Ready Solution To Bend / Warp Your Canvas!

The only true curved interface system on asset store. Tested by thousands of developers. Made for Unity Canvas. Works with all Render Pipelines. Supports TextMeshPro. 10-second setup. Simply add a component to your canvas and choose how you want to interact with it.

VR Physics Player Controller

HexaBody VR is a Physics Driven Rigidbody Controller featuring responsive locomotion, jumping, standing, and crouching. The body design allows for realistic player movement, feet and legs lift and stomp during the jump cycle making it easy to jump, land, and then stand up on objects and your environment.

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GPU Instancer

GPU Instancer is an out of the box solution to display extreme numbers of objects with high performance. With a few mouse clicks, you can instance your prefabs, Unity Terrain details and trees.

Fast Mobile Post Processing: Color Correction (LUT), Blur, Bloom (URP, VR, AR, LWRP)

Fastest Solution on the market! This package consists of the main post-processing stack features, which were maximally optimized to increase the performance even on low-end devices.

Mesh Combine Studio 2

Mesh Combine Studio is an automatic grid cell based mesh combiner which can dramatically improve the performance of your game.

Mesh Effects

Supported mobile platforms, VR, URP (10x+) and HDRP (10x+) rendering (does not work with 2D sprites)

VR UIKit – Bootstrap Your VR App with Ease!

VR UIKit is the most popular UI framework for faster and easier VR development. It is versatile, unopinionated, and with great Unity Editor Integration. It includes many battle-tested components that have been widely used in VR community.
This package supports mouse control, gaze control, laser pointer control, and any other existing input method in the market.

VR Hand Models Mega Pack – Handy Hands (Left & Right)

Handy Hands – One of the biggest VR hands pack on the Unity marketplace comes with 8 fully original AAA quality hands for use in any VR project. Sporting a wide array of hands for versatile range of applications this pack comes with: Boxing Glove, Robot Hand, Male Hand, Combat Glove, Stylized Hand, Winter Glove, Gardening Glove, Leather Glove

Portals for VR

Also for non-VR projects. Recursive Portals Built for URP and Single Pass Multiview VR compatible. Portals can be traversed without a single glitch in VR through walls.

Multiplayer VR Template

This asset helps developers convert their single-player VR projects into Multiplayer VR experiences by providing a simple template project using Photon PUN 2 asset as a Multiplayer solution.

Mirrors and reflections for VR

Also for non-VR projects. Easy Planar reflections that reflect each other recursively any number of times until your performance budget runs out. Built for URP and Single Pass Multiview VR compatible.

VR Telekinesis

Interact your objects with telekinesis in VR! Levitate, push/pull, rotate the objects and you can do all these with physics. In VR, interaction is one the most important part projects and “telekinesis interaction” is convenient, fun and intuitive. With Telekinesis, you can feel the mass of an object, take or place it to the distant positions.

3D WebView for Windows and macOS (Web Browser)

Easily display and interact with web content in 3D or 2D using the web browser plugin trusted by thousands of developers. See the developer site for full documentation.

Best Unity VR Assets – Summing Up

You’ve probably found at least one asset already that could be a great addition to your VR / AR / XR game. No wonder since it’s based on the reviews from thousands of game developers and they definitely know what are the best Unity VR assets to use. Save as much time as possible by being smart with your assets strategy and good luck with your projects!

Best Unity VR Assets

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