In game development, creating a visually stunning and immersive 3D environment is crucial. To achieve this, developers rely heavily on high-quality 3D assets. Unity, one of the most popular game engines, offers plenty of 3D environment assets that can significantly enhance the game’s aesthetics and gameplay. But the problem with it is that there are so many of them that it’s hard sometimes to find the best one. In this post, we will explore the best 3D environment assets for Unity that can help you create breathtaking game environments in no time!

Best 3D Environment Assets For Unity

Note: Plugins are not listed in any particular order. 

Big Environment Pack Reforged

Made in Built-in Render Pipeline. This package contains 547 handcrafted game ready prefabs with LOD stages: Bushes, Grass, Flowers, Plants, Trees, Terrain Textures and more. 

Low Poly Mega Pack – PolyWorks

A massive 3,656 model Low Poly style asset pack for creating themed environments for your poly style games – each with a material only and 1 pixel per color atlased version, designed to be incredibly flexible and new user friendly.

Medieval Environment Pack

An extensive package containing tons of prefabs ideal for creating medieval environment, fantasy scenery and more. A large number of trees, rocks, etc.. allows you to create beautiful northern environment.

Low Poly Complete Collection

An enormous collection of low poly style props and assets for building your stylized worlds. Beginner and veteran friendly. Includes all of our current packs and updated with all future packs!

Urban Construction Pack

Built from the ground-up for mobile devices, the Urban Construction Pack is the definitive way to create the best looking and best optimized city environment for your projects.

Tropical Forest Pack

The trees and plants were modeled in Blender and imported into Unity using the Custom Tree Importer v3. This enables very advanced bending and beautiful Single Sided PBR shading! Also smooth LOD support with Billboards!

Advanced Foliage Pack 2.0

Group of foliage, grass, flowers, roots, trunk models, and ground textures. Asset data were scanned and carefully optimized. Shaders for foliage, rocks, and trunks support dynamic snow cover.

Polyquest Worlds Full Pack Vol.1

First Volume of the “POLYQUEST” series, a high quality, modular & versatile family of high-end low poly assets. By combining both high production value & presenting a complete solution, “POLYQUEST” is simply a must have toolkit for every production involving any kind of stylized visuals.

LowPoly Style Ultra Pack

Six packs in a single package! Asia, Desert, Woodlands ,Winter, Forest and Tropical Islands at an unbeatable price! Build your own environments with easy drag’n’drop: all assets come with a fitting collider and prefabs. Or use the 6 vast, prebuilt demoscenes that are included (see the screenshots). 

Sci-Fi Laboratory Pack 2

This art package is intended for easy and fast construction of various sci-fi laboratory levels. 183 Prefabs. Walls, floors, ceilings, lights, doors, bulkheads, boxes, ampules, cupboards, lockers, desks and tables, computers, canisters, surgical instruments etc.

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Lordenfel Castles & Dungeons RPG Pack

Lordenfel is a powerful environment pack designed to build castles, fortresses, ruins and dungeons. It comes with modular parts and complete presets like towers, fortress walls, gates, and dungeon rooms that drastically reduce the time it takes to build levels. It also includes natural assets like rocks and vegetation so you could have everything you need to start building impressive scenes.

RTS Mega Pack – Fantasy Buildings 

RTS Mega Pack Fantasy Buildings with hand-painted texture that are ready to be dropped into any game project.

Buildings Package

This package has 11 buildings and 5 shops. 88 textures 2048×2048, 88 materials (roughness, metallic, AO, normal). The building is divided into many parts. You can add floors and change objects. Separated windows,doors, glass, stairs, floors, attic, balconies, objects. Building polys ~45.000.

Low Poly Asset Bundle

Low Poly Asset Bundle by JustCreate includes 17 Low Poly Asset Packs with more than 5900 prefabs.

Medieval Mega Pack Volume 2 

This is a new pack, featuring new models, separate from my others. Mega Pack means a large collection of modular pieces and props for vast scene creations!

Fantastic Dungeon Pack

This pack contains over 650 unique assets and FX to build your own dungeons for your fantasy game. Thanks to the modularity of the architecture assets you can create a vast variety of dungeons with modular walls, floors and much more. Decorate your game with a variety of props such as furniture, carts, crates, flags and much more. All modular assets can be placed efficiently with one-unit grid snapping. Works for top-down and first/third person view.

Poly Megapolis City Pack

A lightweight and flexible low poly resource kit that’s ideal for prototyping or as an addition to a low poly world. A huge number of skyscrapers, factories, buildings, houses for the construction of a truly huge metropolis with all the infrastructure. Ports, airports, cities, villages, road junctions, metro, trains, monorails. Huge selection of landscapes and surroundings.

Mega Towers Pack

This MEGA Pack contains all our Towers Packages, extra Creatures, ready scenes. 

CB Sci-Fi Pack

Bring style to your Sci-Fi project with our pack. Features: Perfect for low-poly projects and prototypes. Great for FPS, isometric or top down cameras. For 3D and 2.5 games. Optimized meshes ready for most devices. Modular meshes and prefabs to create variety.

RTS Fantasy Village

Over 200 prefabs are available to help you create an awesome strategy or RPG game. The assets are suited for 3D or classic isometric view. The package contains upgradeable military and civilian buildings. Vegetation, rocks and cliffs are included too. Custom mesh colliders and high quality, hand-painted textures come in categorised atlases, to increase performance.

Alien Planet Pack

Assets to create your own Alien Planet environments! The assets are optimized for mobile and VR. 

Hand Painted Forest Pack 

Stylized assets to create your own fantasy forest environment. Models range from 60 to 1700 triangles. Plants and trees models. Cliffs and rocks models. Waterfalls with particle effects. Ruins, stairs and fences.

Best 3D Environment Assets For Unity – Summing Up

To summarize, Unity provides an extensive collection of 3D environment assets that can help you create stunning and immersive game environments but there is so much you can easily get lost sifting through all. In this post, we have explored the best 3D environment assets for Unity that can significantly enhance the visuals and gameplay of your games. By utilizing these assets, you can create breathtaking game environments in no time. And whether you are an experienced game developer or a beginner, these Unity environment assets can help you take your game to the next level really fast.

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